Reviews for "NK - Death By Bass (loop)"

i luv it
cool song

I'm going to play this song as my background whenever I beat anyone brave enough to F*** with me! Every time!

damn,u boss

For starters, there's no 4.75 option so i'mma just round up.

Anyway, is there any chance you could make this long I like loops as much as the next guy but I also enjoy my playlists with several dozen artists, so could you like maybe just throw the sound clips over so it's like 2-3 minutes long?
If so, just email it when you're done, i'll love you even more.
If not, I'll try to bullshit my way around it, just rather have it done by someone with some skill in the area.

hey Daniel you know how you said this could be loop for fighting game? well i tried it i played plama burst 2 and muted music and played this it was a 4 letter word E-P-I-C epic!