Reviews for "Voyager Breakout 2"

I like it!

I played the first one before I played this one... just so I can compare and see if you improved. I can't say it's THAT much different, but I liked the first one very much. This one mixes things up a bit more than the first. I thought the graphics were kind of cool, retroish. The gameplay could get slightly repetitive. I still loved the game, keep up the good work. One of the best "bricks" games I've played!

stian7 responds:

Thank you :D It's more of a hughe update for the first game.


Any fan of this type of game must play.

captain janeway would be proud

when i first saw this, i groaned at another breakout clone. myself being a sucker for all things star trek though, i decided to play this, and i am impressed. while the first level is the same usual breakout, i really enjoyed the craziness of the later levels. good job!

stian7 responds:

I thought about having a different first level, but my head always want a classic start. But it's fast over.
Thanks for the vote :D

really good

i was like
omg another friggin arkanoid
but when i played it,
it was awesome
like how it speeds up and there are power ups
nice graphix
overall good game and fun to play

stian7 responds:

Thank you, glad you had fun :D

Great game

This was a great game, and I got second on the list (that's a first) Anyways. I liked the simple graphics, the blinking bricks got on my nerves. But other than that, it was a nice breakout game. I liked the interface as well.