Reviews for "Voyager Breakout 2"

really good

i was like
omg another friggin arkanoid
but when i played it,
it was awesome
like how it speeds up and there are power ups
nice graphix
overall good game and fun to play

stian7 responds:

Thank you, glad you had fun :D

ahh memories

How did you know that this was the game I wanted to play today. I love these breakout games and you made a great one. Excellent job on this.

stian7 responds:

Thank you :D

Woot, I guess I did good :D

My ending score was 2461, yay!
Anyway, review time. So this was a pretty sweet blast from the past as I used to play games like this as a kid. Overall I thought the game was pretty awesome. Good music, the song was repetitive but it was one of those songs where they still sound good even after ten minutes of the same thing over and over. In terms of gameplay, you did really well. A couple more powerups would've been great, but 2 was certainly enough for this game (hint hint, make another).

Unfortunately no game is perfect, and this game is no exception. The nice thing is I only found to two real negatives to this one. One was the fact that in the later levels, things started getting REALLY glitchy, to the point where my ball was teleporting around. Rest assured, that spelled my doom fast and killed a lot of the game for me. The beginning levels were kinda slow and when the speed started picking up I really started enjoying the game. Sadly with that speed came the glitching, what a bummer. My second negative may be a strange glitch I fell upon, I'm not sure if the same thing is happening to others. What happened was I couldn't pick up powerups one level, and maybe it was because I had fallen to 0 lives? Before hitting 0 lives I could pick them up fine, and after beating the level and moving onto the next with 3 lives again I was able to pick up powerups again. All in all though, this game was a pretty good experience! ;)
+8 points for solid gameplay
+2 points for cool song
-1 point for goofy powerup glitch
-2 points for uber slowdown in late levels

stian7 responds:

Glad you had a great time :D

Thank you for such a solid review! It's really to bad about that glitching, just because of speed. I guess there are to many blinking objects. If I removed the blinking, maybe it would glitch less.
That bonus glitch was suppose to be dead and gone, but then it shows up on random. Most likley a counter that's wrong. I will check it .

Thank you so much! Have a nice day :D

captain janeway would be proud

when i first saw this, i groaned at another breakout clone. myself being a sucker for all things star trek though, i decided to play this, and i am impressed. while the first level is the same usual breakout, i really enjoyed the craziness of the later levels. good job!

stian7 responds:

I thought about having a different first level, but my head always want a classic start. But it's fast over.
Thanks for the vote :D

Pse... If you want to revive the 1986 in the 2009.

Good Things:
- Finest version of arkanoid.
- Music fine.
- Good performance.
- Some original idea, like blinking bricks
Bad Things:
- PLS NO MORE ARKANOID! we are in 2009 not in 1986. The game is too much classic.
- Need improved ideas, the major part of this games have a laser option. (because try to hit a single brick can make you mad / bored / despair)
- More powerups , variety is the key.

Nevertheless i give you a 7.5 , sorry i don't want more arkanoid for less than 5 or 6 rencarnations. Try to improve the idea, don't make another copy.

stian7 responds:

I'm still learning AS3, so that's what's up with the ARKANOID stuff. The best way to learn stuff is do check out the classic. I'm planning new stuff in the future of course. I don't wanna make breakout games in the long run.

I have not copy any code or graphic, I have for the most part figured it out my self.

Thanks for the score, and I agree that a game that exist in so many version can't expect a 10/10.