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Reviews for "Hitstick 3"

would be good but

Come on, this would be awesome but 2 levels!?!?!?! that's pathetic like pseudohippie8 said, and i found a glitch. if you shoot the scientist in the chest with breeta he turns into a hotel doorman with a gun. WTF?

good but not enough levels

you got a good game good quests but you need to have more assignments
maybe in a line of a story.
maybe some big drugdealers
some people who wanna take out a president to unlease a war
a new destructive weapon or so
think again of your levels make some more and
next time the people will give you more for sure.

nice but...

its nice but evry time you enter a new room you change in to a bretta but still good

that's it?

2 levels? come on dude
the game looks good, but the fact that you only gave us the first two levels sucks
on top of that, no gore

that's just disappointing
2/10...absolutely pathetic... I'm sorry dude, but this game is just sad...give us more than 2 lously levels man...if it was maybe u to level 4, I might go tothe other site, but I'm going to with just two mediocre levels
the game itself is ok, but could use improvement...
I also found a glitch
if you're scoped and go to a different gun, the scope view will be normal view, which pretty much makes you have to restart the game

ok. needs more levels.

I think that it definitely needs more levels.