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Reviews for "Hitstick 3"

really good

a really good game mate keep up the good work=D v good idea on the fp game play aswell nice one=P


Although it was quite short I enjoyed it. I like the way you handled the first person gamplay.

is good

i liked it but it only had two missons or maby my just gliched for me idk

Just Above

It was just above average to me. One thing I really hate are bugs and glitches in games that affect gameplay. What I'm referring to is the fact that when I would zoom in with the Dragonov and fire, it sometimes wouldn't zoom back out, and therefore I was stuck in the game. So just fix the programming and you'd get more points. On another note, try making it where players could have silenced weapons and such. It doesn't seem fair to be a hitman and just stumble through an area filled with guys that immediately see you.


I could hace SWORN Moosh was doing a project on this! It's on his website! im not sure what i should rate it :\ 5/10 fer nowww.