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Reviews for "Hitstick 3"

Ok shooter, but that was it?

Am I mistaken or were there only two levels? The game does not give me any kind of feedback about finishing the game if that is the case.

Otherwise, the game seems to lack some elements common to this type of game. Rather than killing everyone, if I know exactly where to go, I can just keep clicking arrows before a single enemy has time to react. Furthermore, the reaction time resets each time I go in and out of an area, so I can kill off everyone out of that very first group of five one by one. Or, barring that, if I found the snow suit as I believe was intended, I can snipe them, but at that point, another issue comes into play. If I snipe one of the middle guards, the other never reacts to that. His buddy just died and he doesn't start trying to shoot at something.

And in agreement with what somewhat else said, while this appears to be made with the Hitman games in mind, this turns out to be a just an FPS with no real strategy to it.


same as the others amazing but short minor fault make more but a lil longer good job

Expected more

Wow, this is a top of the notch flash game. Although I was heavily disappointed in the lack of levels while I was getting into it, it was still fun.
Graphics were great, as well as the addition of guns. You could do more to make each gun more unique though.
Music was great, liked the wtf cheat.
The gameplay was fun, although the navigation was a little confusing: often times I got lost with the arrow navigation map could be included in the screen instead of it being in the menu.
There also was a glitch with the DRAGUNOV: if you zoom in and shoot, there are times when I couldn't zoom back.

great game!

I loved the game, well done... took off 2 stars b/c it was a bit short


Just watched Hitman movie I'm a Great fan of Hitman! So THIS IS GREAT!!!