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Reviews for "Hitstick 3"

Only two levels?

I have three problems with this game, the first is that there's only two levels. The second being that the only way to switch weapons is by clicking on that tab, which when you're getting shot at sucks, couldn't you change it to a button? Another problem is that there isn't much of a difference between the weapons, the pistol takes three body shots to kill someone while the AK takes two. The only weapon really different from the others is the sniper rifle.

Not bad not good

like they said to short and easy.
but it was fun :)

Not bad but not good

To short and easy... but has room to be great

A good start but...

I love sniper games, and would like to see more long shots using the scope, for instance taking out the guards from a distance before going in close for the kill.
It would be great if there were another sniper hunting you while you are on some of the missions, and you need to get him first.

Only two levels? Or am I missing something?

"Ugh Baddd"

Its not that fun even thogh i love hit man...

Also plx dont put enemies over the link to your site so when i shoot them your page pops up