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Reviews for "Hitstick 3"

i want more

I thought it would be more fun at first but you get bored of the two levels

it´s bad.

here is a list of things I did like about this game: it's simple and to the point. also the artwork was done well.
now here is everyting that in my opinion cloud have been done better: the sniper rifle: why do you have to click twice to fire it? can't you make a button to switch between aiming and walking? second, the weapon system. switching is a pain, for the simple reason that it takes way too long. It would have been a whole lot better if you could change weapons by using the scroll wheel per example. the way things are now you enter a room, find out that one of the guards is out of range, and lose almost all your health before you can do anything.
as a last suggestion, make the game longer. if need be you can go for cliché storylines like "evil guy wants to take over [name of major city/country goes here], stop him", but just two levels doesn't make for a lot of gameplay.

that was it?

two missions? Where's the rest of the game? I even looked at the walkthrough to see if i missed something, but I didn't. It's really just that short. Still, what little this game does have, it was actually done right, so I'll give you points for that, but at least 5 more levels would have made this at least an 8. Oh yeah, one minor glitch is that if you zoom in with your sniper rifle and switch to another weapon without firing the rifle, all the arrows on the floor disappear and you have to go to the main menu to restart the mission. It was an all right game, overall.

Good stuff but too little of it

The aforementioned Dragunov zoom bug aside, the only problems with this game are the confusing movement arrows and the fact that there are only two levels. The levels are also fairly easy, allowing me to beat them using my laptop's touchpad and doing nothing but headshots when using a mouse.

Simple graphics undoubtedly help the game run smoothly, and the drab color scheme is appropriate to the premise. I'd like to see more distinction between the AK and M-16, but both are aesthetically consistent to both their real world counterparts and the overall look of the game.

While on the subject of guns, I'm not sure why the Beretta was included. It offers no advantage to the player and looks like a Sig Sauer while in play. Perhaps in future installations the pistol could be silenced so as not to alert badguys whose backs were turned to the player, or make it quicker to transition from an empty rifle to the Beretta than to reload the rifle, or just get rid of it until it has a legitimate place in this game.

Keep up the good work.

alright but problematic

On the whole...solid concept...short like everyone else said. but hey that means we want more some there is something good to build upon.

Anyway if you take out the sniper rifle in a room and fire...it will keep you zoomed in and you cant get back out of the room. Might be something you want to take a look into.

Looking forward to more levels.