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Reviews for "The Dr. Wily Show"

All_My_Base,think about it

The bots havent defeated megaman which is probably what Dr.Wily wants them to do so they dont get their food

Either that or the food is electricity or something


haha. thats hilarious with astroman being so nervous an everything


good stuff

Great stuff man, that show never gets old. You hit Astro Man's personality dead on, and the comments from everyone were hilarious, esp from Turbo Man's "I just wanna stay home and eat chips...", and how you Ice Man look like the little wussy girl he really is.

Laughity laugh.

Ta's fuckin funny! I love his voice and his face.


This is the funniest Megaman parody EVER! I hope that you make another one like this, mabye one on the X series, it could be called Sigma's Evil Fun Time Show, and it could have all the robot bosses, and Zero and X could come and kick all their asses at the end! That would be awesome.
My favorite parts of the movie were:
1. Bass, and how he's sick of Dr. Wily complaining about Megaman. His snobby accent made it even better!
2. When Turbo Man says "I just wanna stay home and eat chips...." that was funny as hell!
3. When Tengu Man tells Cloud Man "Shut up or I'm gonna hurt you!" That's classic!