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Reviews for "The Dr. Wily Show"


That was fuckin great

lol, must have taken alot of effort to draw them!

That movie was simply hysterical, I really liked Skullman's Personality, as well as how Bombman was crazed. How come something this good isn't on the top 50?

gotta love the robot masters....

gotta also love Bombman and Skullman's attitude in the movie... oh, what was Aquaman's problem?

that was hilarious

I want to stay home and eat chips

This is the best flash EVER!

I never saw something as good as this. The hand-drawn sprites we're really inovative, altough, I would have prefered to see ElecMan instead of TurboMan in the trio TopMan, TurboMan, QuickMan.(one I was expecting to see) Even though, this thing ROCKS! Andrew should keep up the good work for other submissions!