Reviews for "Brawl Funnies [Dick 2]"

Lamer than dick 1

dick one is better

we'll, you pulled it off...

You some how made it worse than the first.

The smoothie was funny again and the fat kid was pretty good too, and i'll give the tom one some props too, but jesus christ enough!

If you're going to mock something for not being funny, and aparently for bad animation, then, and i could be wrong here, but shouldn't you at least try to be funny yourself? all this comes accross as is a jealous lash out at something you didnt think up first, there's no wit or inteligence to any of the jokes (save the 3 listed above) and with satire, wit is essential.

CoolDrMoney responds:

Why would I be jealous of a huge massive shit

My Eyes!

Great, I'm blind now. I only liked one artists contribution but I'm not sure who it is. Whoever drew the smoothy one, yours were good, the rest were absolute filth. Just terrible. The one star is for smoothy guy, the rest of you need to stop animating.

And Newgrounds, I thought you had some fucking standards, what happened?

CoolDrMoney responds:

This contains all your favorite video gayme characters!?


this was just lame

brawl taunts are lame to but still your just obsessed with whats his nuts and that chick who made that's unhealthy dude bra oh

still no

no this is still the same, and it's not my taste in vids
- more mockery of Kirbopher/ Rina-Chan (i hope u realise, that the dude with the acc name "Kirbopher17" is a fake)
- more poor animation
- reuse of the scene from "Metal Gear Funnies"
- more poor animation

This is beginning to become a pain to watch. Then again its only my view,

1/10 0/5