Reviews for "Brawl Funnies [Dick 2]"

I don't know what I missed over the years. I'm just returning to newgrounds recently. Why does everyone hate kirbopher?

The last scene with the anime parody was hysterical

I effin loved the rina-chan skit in the first one. the animation for her and peach,c.falcon and Zelda was very good and theyre urban hip-hop outfits were sick. not gonna lie though, it was probably the only one in that vid with good artwork though (cough)

i think the suicide scene w the fatass has to be my favorite XD

this is perfect. reminded me of skittles n shitz. (it's great if you get all the references.)

My only struggle with this is that there are no credits (music anyone?)

I knew some of the songs but could anyone please tell me what the song in the "suicide pills" scene is called? Thanks in advance!