Reviews for "Brawl Funnies [Dick 2]"

I don't get it.

With all the creative possibility, and all the interesting subject matter in the world, I just don't understand the purpose behind randomly disrespecting the work of other people. It doesn't seem to make much sense at all, even, that you should feel the need to be disrespectful.

To quote a line from the flash itself- and one of your responses- "Why would I be jealous of you for taking huge massive shits?"

Why should you even care? If you don't like it, fine. But, let others decide for themselves whether they like the work of someone else. Blatantly referring to the time and interest of other people as "shit", despite whatever quality was put into the work, seems a little childish at this point. I realize this is the Internet, where everyone feels the need to broadcast their petty, insignificant views to the world, but you sad degradation of others is a shining testament to how poorly directed your opinions and statements really are.

For animation, I did see some decent quality work in there, but it was hardly enough to sway my opinion. If you really want to see some sort of improvement, rather than degrade yourself by attempting to insult others, perhaps you should work on creating something humorous and popular of your own? Original talent works wonders, even in a market where so much has already been done. Believe me- I'm an animation student in college- if you really put some effort into it, you MAY just come up with something people will actually enjoy watching.

Going back for a moment, to the "why should I be jealous" statement; your sentiment is clear in your creation. It can be surmised that, like many others in the world, you see something you did not create become popular or famous for reasons you do not understand, and thus you preconceive hatred for that creation. Unlike most, but liken to a slim few, you choose to proceed farther, and create works of your own in somewhat reminiscent form in an effort to "show others" how "uninteresting" or "retarded" said work is. The same can be said for most of the works of art you might see in a museum or gallery. I can honestly say, before I started learning artistry and sketching, I had barely a scrap of the respect I have now, for the creations of another. It matters very little, in fact, how much time or effort one put into a piece of work; but rather, it matters how inspired, and how beautiful that artwork is.

I watched the latest Brawl Taunts before I watched your double-feature. I thoroughly enjoyed one of them, and did not enjoy two others. One was an inspired piece, and genuinely made me laugh, so much so that I could not continue the conversation I was having with a friend. The other two, however, just made me feel hurt, and saddened, by the lack of respect or inspiration therein. If you cannot guess which two I did not appreciate, and which one I did, perhaps you require further counseling. I admit, there is a great deal of help you may require that I'm not capable of providing.

To conclude- I do not write reviews often, and am not confident enough in my own work to post it on the Internet. However, up until now, I only truly reviewed something when I felt it was noteworthy. I must say- this response is intended to be of the opposite end of the critical spectrum.

Please, for your own sake. Stop. Just because you may not enjoy another's animation doesn't mean it isn't decent, or well conceived. And it's certainly no reason to hate them.

CoolDrMoney responds:

Boy thats a long post I wish I cared enough to read it sorry man I kno you spent a lot of time on it tho!

Those motherfucking smoothies.

I loved those parts. Short but sweet.
Also, lol 3rd Strike

Who sings the intro songs?

They are hilarious!

CoolDrMoney responds:

Dick 1's song intro was done by Billy Monks

Dick 2's song intro done by me!

It was Billy Monks idea tho!

Part one was funnier

As a whole, decently funny with some parts better drawn than others. What we really need is to keep this going ad infinitum and get another collab bashing this one. I mean, that guarantees at least a year of front pages right there.

CoolDrMoney responds:

Gret idea!

I really dont like the third sequel

but i cant decide if its worse than this...