Reviews for "Brawl Funnies [Dick 2]"


I gave a 10 star rating to Dick 1 and I just got mail from M-Bot saying it was deleted.

So fuck you M-Bot and everyone who voted my review badly. This flash is awesome and hilarious, simple as that. I'd give it nothing less than a ten even though the animation is mostly shit. Bravo sirs. I count on you all whenever Newgrounds gets shitty.

rtil is a homo

Well, he is. This movie rocked bottom.

kinda disturbing

nuff said

I wanna download the song on the menu XD

No were can I download it XD...............O.o

(O_O) . . . . .

I really don't understand the whole purpose of all of this slew of animation/suggestive ideas about Rina and Kirb/and plain and painful idiocy of flash cartoons about Brawl.

Is it possible...that this is a stragety to ween people off the "Obsession" of Brawl taunts...and possibly allow Rina and Kirb to get some relief from the constant bickering of 13 year old who whine and complain about "Why isn't there a sequel" or some shit like that...

Truth be told...I never seen videogames being taken to such a high degree of obsession and persistence.

But what do I know....I just live on an Island practically isolated from the whole world. I
could care less about Brawl and simply play for fun.

The jokes are okay for the first 2 parts...but the rest was an obvious statement that well..."Enough is Enough"...and I couldn't agree more.

In life...you see the players of Brawl
You see these guys and their..."OBSESSION" to be the best at brawl...
Constantly reminiscing jokes from Braw Taunts - it gets old.

The Flash...by far...is the biggest statement about the decline of Videogames and the livelihood of human beings of video-games and reality.

Things will be praised simply by who submitted it.
As noted by the Ass-kissers in some reviews."SOME"

But i digress - NG is famous for this kind of art - Provocatively Pleasing to the Public.

It's whole purpose is to offend. And you guys did a pretty damn good fuckin' job.

CoolDrMoney responds:

Dam my hands are smelly today