Reviews for "Brawl Funnies [Dick 2]"


this was f*ckin awsome!

Missing person?

This shit was fuckinz excellent!!!! On a side note how come rtil wasnt in this one? It was good on the last one?

Like I said, Superb!

This was BY FAR my favorite of the two. Also, I still don't see why everyone has to be so picky about stuff like these. IMO, the people who are whining and complaining about the production values are the REAL trolls.

This is pure satyrical gold and ALL of you are geniuses.

Rina-Mahwhatsit as portrayed by Gilbert Gottfried

It was so wrong that I laughed at that fat guy committing suicide...which is why it was so brilliant! Though, I could have done without the Nickleback oral sex joke being recycled. Variety, gentlemen, please!

Your little sister made the last skit.

I know because I was there. And then I sucked off a horse.