Reviews for "Brawl Funnies [Dick 2]"


im the only one who probably noticed, but in both parts of this, there is a message "Rtil is a homo" in it lol XD
in the middle of the screen.... very hard to see lol

CoolDrMoney responds:

Not da only!

But one of the few

Gonna have to agree with the others...

Most of this flash was borderline unbearable, but Rina-Chan and the Brawl Boys was definitely amazing, and i'm not just saying that for the content. it was well animated and excellently synced to the music.

Props also to how to make a brawl taunts smoothie, that was simple, but still funny
(as well as how to make a brawl taunts sequel smoothie in 'dick' 2)

Please, try and put more effort in to the animation and joke quality next time you guys, sarcasm can only get you so far ito a joke before you have to add something genuinely creative, and here weren't enough creative things to balance out the "hey look it's a jok that someone did and I'm making fun of them doing it" jokes.

Oh and fix the bloody credit screen so you can tell who made what part, all it does at the moment is show wacky drawings.

CoolDrMoney responds:

wacky drawins

Hey guys

I get it, and i love this. Didnt think someone could make a whole series about the conformist nature of this site. Have fun with future projects.


Best part always begining Lol
Tupac - Changes

Less about Brawl

It seems to me that this flash is less about Brawl and more about making fun of Rina-chan and Kirbopher. If you guys didn't like their Brawl Taunts series or anything else by these 2 then don't watch them, don't waste your time and everyone else's by making a three part collab dedicated to mocking them.
If their flashes are successful and yours are not, perhaps you should ask yourselves why that is instead of being juvenile. Just a thought.

CoolDrMoney responds:

nah that dumb!