Reviews for "Brawl Funnies [Dick 2]"

I didn't know that Newgrounds allowed hate flashes

Ok, we get it, you guys just hate Rina-chan and Kirbopher. Sure, some parts of the flashes actually have some jokes in them, a few of which that i found actually pretty funny. But all the remaining time of the flashes are just used to slander Rina and Kirbo. I can understand if you guys don't think the whole brawl taunts series thing is that funny, and i thought it would have been great if these flashes were fully dedicated to jokes about why you thought the series was bad. But, instead of just criticising the series, almost all of it is just spent on you guys insulting and hating on Kirbo and Rina. It's not like i'm a fanboy of their flashes or anything but thats just not cool. I thought the point of this site was to allow people to show what they wanted to show and give the freedom to post what they make without having their self-esteem completely destroyed by others. Sure its not a mean thing if you criticise someone's flash or anything, but all you guys did was make this flash series with the pure will to insult Rina and Kirbo. To be honest, i'm surprised that this was actually allowed to stay up, and have the begining of the series on the front page even. Yeah freedom of speech is important but sometimes that freedom is used to cause suffering with the knowing that one can't legally be punished for such heinous acts. People like you who just go around spreading hate are the reason that there can never be peace in the world.

CoolDrMoney responds:

God dam why you leavin me such a long review knowin I aitn gonna read it


Horrible it was just the end talk is what screwed it up and the suicide part well alot of stuff did


that whole pile of shit was totally awsome. the best part had to be the to many poisin mushrooms joke

I loved it.

Honestly, I dont why people are complaining, it was really damn funny.


yo ppl gotta chill uve got a mob afta u, haha i think it wuz pretty funny, dunno y everyone gotta be a dik, keep it up all u guys!