Reviews for "Brawl Funnies [Dick 2]"


I can't believe I watched this episode... Boredom had hit a new low for me... I'm pretty sure this one needs more and more work seriously. It's a suggestion that may or may not work...

I don't get it

So does Tom Fulp represents Newground's target demographic? And is the janitor supposed to be the current state of US copyright law and its enforcement? And what does audience response have to do with the front page?
Do you guys LIKE Brawl Taunts? Or is this something more...? Wait, is rtil the antagonist? And why would you kill off the main character by just the 5th scene?
I must say that this flash raises far more questions than it gives answers, and it's obvious from [Dick 3] that you don't intend to take the series any further, or answer any of the pressing questions on fans' minds.
I will say that I liked all of the art, and find it to be a vast improvement over the previous entry.

Excellent work

I had to laugh at all these fanboys defending Kirbopher and his flashes (which I do enjoy dispite the overused 4chan memes)

But what these fanboys don't see is that the fact its a PARODY and is depicting SATIRE on Kirbopher and Rina-chan and Brawl Taunts specifically

In close. Can't stop here, its Fanboy Country

PS: Perhaps you should do a parody on Alvin Earthworm...hehe

CoolDrMoney responds:



So, basically, you all decided "To prove we're not jealous, we'll make a movie stating that we're not jealous."

You know... Instead of doing that, you could have saved your time and... Not. Because, if you weren't jealous, you wouldn't be arguing something no one called you in the first place.

But what the hell do I know.

Oohh, and to make this an actual review. The art wasn't that great, you can tell you whipped this up out of no where, and... Well, it's just overall bad.

CoolDrMoney responds:

Its a message

Among other things!

Has nothin to do with jealousy

This is pretty terrible...

This was just stupid, i mean really it had almost nothing to do with SSB at all it was just you jealous idiots making fun of Rhina and Kirbopher, i mean the first half was ok i guess but this one i didnt laugh at all, hardly even cracked a smile, i mean really next time make something thats worth something.

CoolDrMoney responds:

"Why would I be jealous of you taking a huge shit that everyone likes?"