Reviews for "Brawl Funnies [Dick 2]"

Much improved.

Doesn't even compare to your first.
Definite step in the right direction with the animation and humor.

It was very likeable

I thought this collab was good.
I may have detested some of the animation.
But only the first part of this collab.
Each scene in this movie made me laugh.
So I thought you guys did pretty nicely on this.
If you're going to make another "funnies" collab I think it would be great.
Anyway this was humorous nicely put together and underrated.
You guys guys all deserve a bowl of ice cream.


though i would like to know what anime the audio track was from in the last scene (yes i am an absolute yuri nut). but the best scene on this version had to be the one with the fat kid in the basement, though the poison mushroom joke killed it


yeah im with hellpoodle this shit is awsome people just hate it cause they are blind and need to take a fucking joke

Didn't find it funny.

The only funny thing is the smoothie.