Reviews for "Brawl Funnies [Dick 2]"

Parody of Parody != Comedy

This...this is just awful, I must say. The animation is horrid 99% of the time, and the voices...guh. The voices. I understand you're TRYING to make them annoying to some degree, but GOD.

I mean, really. What was the point of this? What did it achieve? I didn't even LIKE Brawl Taunts all that much, so, what? You ARE mad that it's popular? Please, clarify this for me, I'm having a hard time deciphering it. For starters, the only way this could POSSIBLY be amusing is if you actually have some sort of deep seated hatred for whatshisface and whatsherface, seeing as how otherwise it just comes across as horrendously petty. Is there ANY real comedy other than that? The Janitor guy complains that the brawl taunts thing isn't funny if you haven't played the game, whereas this fails to be funny even when you have full knowledge of what's going on.

So, I guess, in the end...I do get it. It's not jealousy. Now when you can put out...THIS...and think that it's funny.

Epic Fail

I really fail to see any form of humor in this. Bashing on other artists cause you can't think of anything original or with actual comical value? Please, that's stuff I'd expect from children. That's all this was, was a neener neener attempt at rina and kirb. Let me know where I might actually be able to obtain the couple minutes of my life back.


this was better then the first one in my opinion, but it was a tad bit too harsh to rip kirbopher and rina like that....


wow that was the most touching ending ive ever seen.
but u ripped the absoulute piss out of both kirbopher and rina chan which was slightly too far only by makin rina chan a pig that was a bit sad and harsh so that put this down to a 6 for me but that touhin ending put it to an 7

Even better!

I was loling.

Funny jokes at making fun of not funny jokes.