Reviews for "Brawl Funnies [Dick 2]"

Not that great

yeah, u guys are kinda of mean o___o

Yesssss gooooooood

The anger is strong within you young ones. Of course their ideas were bad, unoriginal, and panppdering. Who cares if people laughed and got a momentary reprieve from this torture chamber we call life. Crush their hapiness, crush everyones and then you can finally be happy. Goooood


At least the animation was better than the first part. Like others have said, the voices sucked. Maybe try getting decent microphones that don't spike the second you go over 1db. Also, if its called "Brawl FUNNIES" then maybe you should try making it FUNNY. See the pattern?
2 stars because the animation is actually a bit of an improvement over the first.

I forgot math..

Because of you people.
and sadly the "chuckles" in me died... sad and alone.


I get your point... *goes outside*