Reviews for "Brawl Funnies [Dick 2]"

Good flash, shitty comments

Fuck off Oney

i gotta know

what the story behind the scene where Rina Chan and Kirbopher have a private talk, some kid on NG made it and you guys ripped it? Do you know what the original is called, it's amazing.

CoolDrMoney responds:

if you have to ask

you'll never know

Good work

I especially like Cambo's part and the interview of rtil. And the last part is fucking hilarious

But the best one is the one when Tom Fulp's crying. It's just so beautiful, it's art!

I dont quite get it

Its sort of funny but I dont rly get what brawl had to do with some of it

I get your point, but...

A lot of people laugh and rate 10/5 becasue its humorous to them.
The REASON this is so good, is because its making a point (not very clearly though, mind you). The point is that Rina-Chan and Kibopher are pathetic internet losers, who laugh at al the latest memes and overused jokes.
"Solid snake is in a box! lolololol!!1 Its so very funny!"
"Hahaa! I bet you would like to see an 'over 9000' or mudkip joke, huh??"
They sit in their little chairs, hide behind computers with their shitty "self portrait" avatars, and expect you to laugh at anything and everything they do, which for the most part, people do. The idiots on the web, that is.
The people who go look up "youtube poop"or "long cat" and then
shit themselves laughing at the "troll face", "y u no ???", "forever alone", and all those other stupid things, all this while jacking off till the next Egoraptor flash comes out. Then anybody who identifies them as so are apparently "trolling".
Thats like their one and only excuse for the world.
"I dont like how his hand looks."
"GAH! You are TROLLING!"
"Why did Pheonix have to be in Marvel vs. Capcom 3? Why not Venom?"
"Why are you trolling, noob??? *insert overused yo mamma joke here*
THOSE are the kind of people Kirbopher and Rina-chan are supposed to appeal to.
And they do, too. I dont know WHY the hell ANYBODY would ever want to join in on that parade of unimaginative losers.
Great flash.
You share the same ideas as me, my friends, and other people who have taken the time to make a flash, write a revirew, or just plain OPEN THEIR EYES to the repetative comedy style.
Next time though, make it a little more visually appealing. Whether or not your trying to mock Kirbophers animation style, poor animation will get you nowhere.
A company needs a cartoon explaining safe driving.
The both have the audio, one just looks good, and the other looks like crap.
Obviously the one that looks good will be taken more seriously.
And this was a crappy animation (most of them). The moral was good, but nobody will undertand or get it through their thick skulls unless it looks good.
That just life.
I get the feeling that it was purposely crappy, and I think others did too, which is why people are looking at is as an insult rather than something that is just expressing the OBVIOUS in a creative manor. People are stupid, so you gotta pretty things up for them.
I am ranting.
In final. It was a good video. Poor animation, but made a point.
I hope to see a better or improved version of this in the future.
Good job.
I apologize for any grammar or spelling errors

Oh and people, dont go marking this review as useless just because you dont like it.
Its a REVIEW. Im making a POINT. If you have another opinion, then write one yourself, rather than hate mine.