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Reviews for "Brawl Funnies [Dick 1]"


good but im not sure how to describe this

10 for 2

rtil gets five and joe gets 5. why there the only ones that look like some one sat down and work at it. this is bad but ok


At first I thought this was gonna be the same bullshit as brawl taunts, but a collaberation of openly dissing brawl taunts in every possible way and still remaining accurate was a very good remedy for sitting through that other brawl taunts garbage that forced it's ugly head onto the front page.

Satire goodness.

Very well done

A cacophony of -- what the hell is this?

This gets a 10 for the sole reason that Rina-chan and the Brawl Boys was 97% genius and 89% good music.

Seriously, that was very well done.

The rest? Poor attempts at comedy.

I'm done being a snob now. :D