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Reviews for "Brawl Funnies [Dick 1]"

first one

only the first one gets any real credit here since the rest just made me wanna kill babies... exept the smoothie part. Had the first one been alone and perhaps without porn scene, alot higher score would have been given then.

started very well

ended very badly


the first animation in awhile that I couldnt actually sit through..... I loved the first part, very well animated. Then it cut to mario and luigi and I shoved a cactus in my ears to block out the disgusting noise.

Well, you know...

I never was a big fan of Brawl Taunts myself, but im not hating on it. I can see how people enjoy watching, im just not one of them, theres nothing ive seen to really insult it for. I can say, however, that the animations and audio that were used in making this, were spectacular and should be put to better use on original flashes. You all who assisted on this collab, we love you. Please just use your talents so that we all can enjoy your creativity and passion, rather than watch 6 minutes of you telling us that you disapprove of some flashes. :)

That song is more famous now then ever.

Rtil like literally boosted the popularity of the song "Move for Me" like tenfold. Plus the animation was superb (Rtil) everything else was just awkward.