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Reviews for "Brawl Funnies [Dick 1]"

Kirbopher is cool

"Great flash"
by: KingNikon
date: 13 minutes ago
Funny just like the others and soopah nintendo. Keep up the good work guys!

CoolDrMoney responds:

Thank you Cambo! Ill keep that in mind for my next Brawl flash! Its called

All about teh Brawl


NG is full of fail

I don't hand out 10's so easily but this definitely deserves it. It's incredibly sad how the population of Newgrounds grows dumber each year as we can see in these comments. I honestly want to thank you guys for this flash. It made laugh incredibly hard from the part Mario and Luigi were pretty much explaining the jokes and laughing.

I could tell which was Ukinojoe's flash and I must say I get it completely and I loved it.

To whoever it was that did the short about the guy throwing away his self respect for popularity, great job.

To the guy dissing Brawl in the family, did you honestly draw that with your penis? I mean seriously, great way to add insult to injury. I mean injury because they got BURNED. Join me in a laugh because I used burned in the literal sense as well as the metaphorical sense. Let's pull a B^U on all our jokes.

Honestly, all I can say is I wish I could've taken part in such an amazing flash. I give it my ten, gave it a 5, and adding to favorites. There's no need to comment any further than saying I completely agree with what you guys were trying to accomplish but by the looks of NewGrounds fan boys now a days, you did not seem to succeed, only with smart people.

I might get thumbed down for this review but it would be expected. I'm going to watch part two now. Keep it up guys!

And I thought Metal Gear Funnies was enough for me

Oh god this shit is hilarious, I like how it makes fun of all the VG parodies we get around here. I cant wait to see what part 2 is like. Imma see it now!

I love you.


lol i saw a message

it goes rtil is a homo on the rina and the brawl boys or what ever it was thing