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Reviews for "Brawl Funnies [Dick 1]"

I got it

That was pretty funny...

Quick question, what was that song in the beginning? That techno shit with the girl sining?

To every movement

it's counter movement. I dont really care what anyone else says, I thought this movie was hillarious. People dont seem to understand that the style of the movie was like that not because of the incompetence of the artists, but because it was meant to be that way. I'm always impressed with Ukinojoe and personally his segment was one of my faves. I like many others enjoyed the first segment immensly too, but the rest of the movie as well unlike some others. Good job guys and keep on keepin' on

some of these people....lol

wow such hardcore brawl fans in here this video was funny as hell 10/10 5/5
the brawl fans are just mad because the game was a big disappointment for them, they had the release date set back a few times and their favorite characters/people they wanted in the game didnt show up for them so they decided to lie to themselves and say the game is good and give this video low score because brawl was a let down.....lol


I like this flash. My favorite scene hands down was the rina-chan and brawl boys. you basically called her a brawl hoe. But that's still my favorite scene.

:D (It told me this summary was too short D:)

I love it. :)