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Reviews for "Brawl Funnies [Dick 1]"

I had,..

watched it once before, and only loved the Rina-Chan bit, [sensational]
but I didn't review.And I only came back to see that part again. The rest has potential, but didn't get there for me.

Pretty good!

Some funny, some not, All in all "Rina-Chan and the Brawl Boyz" Blew my mind! WONDERFUL! By the by, tho those who wish to know the name of that kick ass song, "Move for Me" by Kaskade. You're welcome! Love me. I know. I am the awesome.

Haha, I liked it.

Ahh its nice to see that there is some artists that think the brawl taunts are getting lame and overused. The humor was nice, sure love that satire. Sure the animation and wasn't top notch, except 'Rhina Chan and the Brawl Boys' which was amazing, loved the song lol. I actually enjoyed this more than brawl taunts basically just proved a point with with some crude humor, art, and animation.

You have my respect. Lighten up fanboys, this is all true.


Does anyone know the name of the song played in the part done by rtil, Rina-Chan and the Brawl Boyz?

quite funny

Man that was some seriously funny shit, a couple of you could work on smoothing out your animations a bit, but all in all this was a spectaculer flash.