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Reviews for "Brawl Funnies [Dick 1]"

rtil shows how to deliver an animation

I honestly think rtil was the only one who tried at all here. IN ANY WAY
Just wished there were some credits for the song used in that segment.

Haha, satire is fun

So, not only did you make fun of a slowly stagnating brand of flash animation, you managed to piss off a bunch of stupid teenagers.



That was beond my words to describe the amination itself was good through most of it but this realy had nothing to do with brawl besides useing the people. It would be nice if you had stuck to what was said it would be

Rearranged the parts?

I came back to watch the Rina-Chan and the Brawl Boyz and I guess you guys moved them around. I guess that was a good move since no one should bother going past that animation. I am also disappointed that you don't have a working scene selector although it looks like you tried under the artist list.

Anyways, since I was forced to watch more skits before I got to Rina-Chan (which is like the 7th skit now?), I will say the Mario&Luigi "things never said on brawl" and the metaphor 128 were worth a 6/10 for the dry dry humor. Rina-chan is 9/10 and the rest would be 2/10. So average is a 4 I guess.


That was lame...
sorry, but it really was

But there was some nice animation here and there though