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Reviews for "Pokemon: The Lost Ending"

Oh my God

Thank you for bringing my childhood back. I remember watching this movie over and over again when i was little, and ther's no way in hell that he walks in that crossfire and gets turned to stone. THank you so much for bringing this to the internet.

It does make one think....

I've always wondered if that's what SHOULD HAVE happened. I mean, honestly, he's caught in the crossfire; HE SHOULD DIE, NOT TURN TO STONE. That defies all logic known to man.

That was a blast from the past, and not bad either. I give it an 8.


I think that's how the real movie should have ended, it would have saved alot of parents the torture of the continuing Pokemon series.


good stuff m8


THAT WAS SO ANTI-CLIMATIC!!! then the exiting music comeson XD
I Proboly pee'd my self but i'd rather not think of it...

5/5 10/10