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Reviews for "World of Scribblecraft 2"

In addition to the comment below...

The VS sound for the arena battles is REALLY loud and bad quality, and dialogues are waaaay too slow. Fix those two things and improve the overall audio quality and you'll get a much higher score from everybody for sure.

M-Kudas responds:

Yea, working on making the Mortal Kombat audio part far lower as we speak. Thanks.


The sound quality was bad, especially for Arthas, I couldn't understnad his fat ass. But I did enjoy this because I played WoW for four years up until Feb, I know exactly what you are talking about with the bullshit arena's and absolutely nothing to do XD Great job :)


Could've used a bit more comedy.
Found most of my time was trying to read chat for something significant.
Animation is poor.
Sound is too low.

Mildly entertaining, worth watching once.

M-Kudas responds:

Well thanks for at least watching it once, better than not at all.

I agree, funny but with sound problems.

What I could hear of the dialog was funny, but the music and background noise often overshadowed the voices. I had to crank my sound all the way just to hear them talk, and then the music and sound fx were way too loud. Dial back the other sounds and bring the voices out more, and you've got a 10/10. As is, 8/10.

M-Kudas responds:

Yes M-Vero had been nagging me about this problem since the beginning but I was a bit lazy and I don't work with sound much at all.
I am gonna make the music lower for the time being. Going to work on that now.

Sketch king huh?

Sketch King huh? Yeeeaah, "Sketch" King seems cool... could do with a little changin' though, y'know *cough* Scribbleking *cough*.


Anywho, great animation, worth every nine marks, plus one for support to my relative sketch there. :D

M-Kudas responds:

It took me a second to figure out wtf you were talking about lol XD
Thanks for the review, glad you liked it.