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Reviews for "World of Scribblecraft 2"

"A giant snowflake! Cool!"

A decent flash, dude. The only thing I could suggest is that you improve the sound quality. It's a bit quiet, and I had to pump my volume all the way up to hear most of it...But aside from that, pretty darn cool. ^.^

Heh, I especially like the bit with the Lich King trying to get them to join his guild. That was fun. ^.^

Pet Hogger to replay!

Very decent flash. Yes of course everyone is complaining about the sound. It is a negative for the flash, but ik you're working on it, so I won't bug you about all that and focus on the good. I do have to agree on what happened when Lich King first arrived and all of a sudden everyone ditched their mains and played dks -_-. And I do have to agree that after awhile, it got extremely boring and i quit before Ulduar popped up.
Watching this forced me to want to play again >.<. I think you caught the general ideas of what happened pretty well, and yea there are those slow days in chat where the normal fun loving morons that give you a good couple hours to burn in town aren't there. But forget the babbling. You did a nice job with this and should continue the work. Sound is sound, but you learn from doing and you'll fix it with no problem. Nice job here.

M-Kudas responds:

Oh don't put this all on me making you want to play again! :p
You summed up what I was going for however.
Thanks for the review.


One small complaint. You might want to increase the sound on here.
Apart from that, its good.

Cool a Warcraft flash

Nice work on the flash guys. I will suppose that the shakiness of the characters is to imply the crappy model design that blizz uses. Make more WoW Flashes if possible. BTW i think i pwned you guys in BG's as well as arena a couple of times at least the druid. DK+Pally team FTW i know we are OP but 2700 ratings are fun. Look for Macklol next time your in mood for good owning.

M-Kudas responds:

Oh I love getting owned and swearing on vent. It's my favorite part of arena.

Pretty good

Nice storyline and humor. Yet as already mentioned difficulty in hearing them talk and them vibrating seemed kind of weird. Other than those two things a solid flash.