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Reviews for "Crappy PHSE advert"

Very silly.

But I like anything with Alien Hominid references, and the voice acting was amusing and also British, which is a plus.

Rule Britannia.

Keep up the good work!

Nabirules responds:

Thank-you, shmenon. I have yet to see what my class thinks of it, though.

very fast

haha this was actually very fast, maybe slow it down abit and add some more scnes or something, its neat though

slow down the speed somewhat

Abit fast but still neat


Nabirules responds:

So the main problem would be the speed, then?

Very Good (from my point of view)

Being a crappy animator, ive decided to look around newgrounds and pick up as much info as i can 2 get me going. This was great inspiration (im not going to copy it, dont worry) well done...

Not so crappy

It was a creative idea and the animation moved at a good pace. Keep practicing, you have a lot of potential and a great sense of humor.

Nabirules responds:

It's people like you that make the world go round. Thanks!