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Reviews for "Moshi Moshling Challenge"

10 stars best game

i love this game so cool

This rating is based on the levels i complete

1. Pooky (complete) 5 questions in 40 seconds.
2. Stanley (complete) 6 questions in 45 seconds.
3. Purdy (complete) 7 questions in 55 seconds.
4. Gigi (complete) 8 questions in 55 seconds.
5. Blurp (complete) 9 questions in 50 seconds.
6. Coolio (complete) 10 questions in 50 seconds.
7. Burnie (complete) 11 questions in 45 seconds.
8. Fumble (complete) 12 questions in 45 seconds.
9. Ecto (complete) 13 questions in 40 seconds.
10. Oddie (complete) 15 questions in 60 seconds.

P.S. There was 96 questions and 485 seconds in this game!

P.S.S. If you are on moshi monsters, add me, yoshi5206334

I already have an account of Moshi Monstes and my high-score is 14.


Although I'm way too old for this game, I very much like it. But I really didn't get the "versus" part of it. How am I playing against them? I did like the whole collecting buisnes but it would make more sense if you were just "breaking their records".

Kool but 9/10

9 for the game coz the games awsome but the i put 9 coz it does not have any badges you cud put them for beating each 1 or a record time!