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Reviews for "The Music Well - Piano"

I LOVE this piece. It's optimistic, and yet there is a melancholy to it as well. A wonderful mix. Note: At around four minutes onward, the sound crackles a bit. Just letting you know!

Great song!! Its very lovely :D Though at 4:00 it seems to kind of skip/sound weird. Won't take off any points though since its at the very end and the song is too good for a mark down :D

An elegant piano, this song would be best at the end of a sad movie or game.

its a very beutiful song but the sound started acting up around 2:40. not gonna tack anything off for that as its probs an upload error so 5/5 for you! =D hope the sound error can be fixed

shadow6nothing9 responds:

Thank you for pointing it out. I'll re-upload it as soon as I can.

Beautiful song.