Reviews for "Clubringer - Sound of my dream (B0UNC3 Remix)"

as always

Great Track, really nice Vocals... Get Drunk moar often

Nice voice

I'm going off of the person below me.\
Truthly, my brother, which is tone deaf, could sing that well. All I would have to do is take the pitch of every note/fraze and move it to the correct pitch. It can get complex but I think he has somebody sing it, then twieked with the sound, then got the pitches on. And it sounds nice. Whatever he did.


I've heard two songs with vocals, and in both, the voice was kind of a cutsie pretty voice and I liked it. Now, Here's the thing I've been wondering: with all the technology we have these days did you just warp your voice or did you have your girlfriend do the vocals. I'm guessing it was your girlfriend (or sister, I guess. something like that)
Anywhosit, Great song, great voice (almost like a siren[sorry if I spelled siren wrong, but just to be clear, I ment the mythical being]) keep up the awesome work

Quick Question?

If I supply you with unlimited booze will you pump out more music of this quality?

awsome freaking remix

im shocked that u made this drunk thats impressive and its a catchy tune keep up them songs congrats