Reviews for "Clubringer - Sound of my dream (B0UNC3 Remix)"

Good song

Its little bit like Hardcore bass or Hardstyle.
Nice remix. Sound of my dreams is amazing from DJ Satomi !!!


This has been one of my favourite songs of yours for the longest time.

Not because of the acapella, or anything like that.
It's the fact that you put an amazing touch to it.

The Distorted kicks/portamento vinyl sounds leading into the bassline those couple of times, the beautiful piano melody and the awesome lead melody all make this so original. In my opinion the melodies are far better than the original, and the overall song I like a lot better. I prefer it to Dj Splash's remix, too. Great work :D


Waa it's nice like it =D Ignore the nubs like Darkwinter!

Awesome dude!


im not sure if im right, but i think i played this song on flashflashrevolution.com. i won the game... this song is awesome! i have to admit i loved all your songs, and ignore the noobs who make a bad comment or a lieing comment. I wouldnt take the risk to have useless reviews, so i dont make bad comments.

Wuow Good job :D

Sounds catchy, Love the melody xD, o_O -stares at comment below- Darkwinter your an idiot :3. More moozik please xD