Reviews for "Clubringer - Sound of my dream (B0UNC3 Remix)"


it still sounds a bit kiddy to me, sorry man its just way to high pitched and happy. so u got ur own vocalist now? thats cool. ill wait for the full but just add less hmm.. happy/stoned synths lol.

ah u were drunk who cares?



This sounds very professional and you are obviously very talented. This song is incredible, hopefully it will be added to your collection of numerous platinum and 2x platinums. I feel cool to be one of the first reviewing this lol.

Peace :)

It's good..

Good to hear a new song from you. Nice to the lyrics. Sounded sort of squeel'ish, lol, but I am pretty sure that was meant to happen, because it's hard not to notice it. Good production, good melody, good song... I liked the piano you added... Very good and addictive, as well as that melody. Did this take you awhile, since you were gone for that long break?

It's good to just hear from you again, because I thought you weren't coming back... Hope your HomePage is going well... Can't wait til it comes back :D

Hover Hound

B0UNC3 responds:

Haha thx for the review ;D. Nah this took me 2 hours or something to do. I took a break because I just worn myself out, so I had to "fix the engine". I don't feel that this track is really in a complete state tho :(.

Oh and the vocals...I accidently put up the file from BEFORE I EQed the vocals so The squeeling sound is there ye :P I'll fix that tomorrow.

I'm back to STAY.