Reviews for "Clubringer - Sound of my dream (B0UNC3 Remix)"

Happy Hardcore

Normally, I'm not into hardcore, but this is just so beautifully done. Keep it up.

when you were drunk?

When you were drunk?? I wouldn't ever imagine that actually helping you, but I guess it did! Nice job!!


..... tear.........tear



Dis song is Freakin' COOL!!!

When I first heard this song i fell in luv with it! =^^= Of all the "Sound of My Dream" remixes I've heard [which is a hell of a lot] I find this one to be my most favorite. I can always get a great idea for any artwork I create by listening to this song. Apparently its a very inspirational song [at least to me anyway ^^;]

Anyway, all ur songs are awesome and keep up dat good work. =^.^=