Reviews for "Clubringer - Sound of my dream (B0UNC3 Remix)"


this is a remix of dj satomi's wonderland


I've listened to this song a ton, it's on the ipod.

It lies somewhere between dance and upbeat chill, add on the lyrics and it's something you could either sleep or dance too, which is crazy. (so's being drunk but that's another story)

This song helped motivate me more than once and so I thank you,


Always been a favorite...

There's just something peaceful about this that isn't exactly there in your normal style, yet it holds true to the name of B0UNC3. And, that pitch change on the voice REALLY sets it apart from any of the others out there. We need more stuff like this from you, keeping that real Hard Core B0UNC3, and yet being soothing.

My $0.02, but this is one of your best tracks on here. :)


We all love you! :D

You should get drunk more often then! xD

B0unc3, you are a god. I have a lot of your songs on my iPod. You completely rock. Just wanted to let you know, you should keep up the work! You are fantastic!


I hear this song again after a while and it sounds interesting. The melody itself is interesting, absteract and quick. I like it. Also, those vocals, good choice, loads of good artists have remixed this song. :D One of my personal favorite vocals.