Reviews for "Clubringer - Sound of my dream (B0UNC3 Remix)"

hahaha.. this is gotta be my fav!

love this song... this is way better than the original except for the fact that it's too short... other than that, this is my fav song on newgrounds. ^_^


You are a fucking professional man!

You made this when you were drunk?

I would be happy if I could make such a good song when I'm not drunk...well...I wish I could make songs after all...xD


It's ok I guess, but don't get drunk if this is what comes out of it. I like you other ones much better.

Very Very sweet!

Little too quick to end, the vocals are great. The beat outstanding (expected of course)

I have heard plenty of music from B0UNC3. Not my fave but I have downloaded and I catch myself listening to it at random wile playing my racing games. (my entire music list is nothing but Newgrounds Techno and Trance)

5/5 and 9/10