Reviews for "Endless Zombie Rampage 2"

IT's good

but how do u make the one where it says people find this review helpful review and people thinks this is a useless review

stradegy guide

hey this game was great and if any one cant get to level 40 but want u
u should try my strategy
just pick when u start rescue person until hey say when u cant rescue any people then do get pack edge when u get to the monster just rest every day betine monsters if u are fighting the worm stay in the middle of it and it will go around u and when its head separates do the middle thing again it work and level forty pick kill zombies and will be really low since that would be the first time you do it

for guns i recommend light machine gun,lazer gun and bazuca try to get the perks for them after killing bosses since they give allot of money also get the deploy able machine gun thing


how can you not like this?
get far enough, when you have all weapons and upgrades, and its just a zombie slaughterfest!
definitely one of my favorites!

freaking awsome

this is one of the best flash games i have ever played. i would love to see an ezr3.


I am amazed, just amazed like hell. You made the perfect 2D shooter with just awesome blood graphics, and also you have a choices to get payed by a guy with a hundred guns? Cool! I usually after the first boss do flat out killing zombies for money cuz its fun like hell with those nuclear dudes coming out of the ground and the effects then are epic!!!. Every single second in the huge hellhole parking lot with killing zombies by the second gives you more more and kore excitement just making you keep playing until the end of time! Very long game, and very good for the times you slouch around and have nothing to do. I always play this game when I'm bored, but then I complete it not so much fun :|.. but hey I didn't get all then guns and perks yet so what the heck I'll keep playing and possibly never stop and seriously add some stuff on to this or possibly even make another one allowing you guys to do it! This game is long forgotten, DO NOT LET THAT HAPPEN THIS GAME HAS CHANGED MY SEEING OF ALL GAMES! I want this to stay noticed no matter what even if the world ends at least some people will have to know about this, for I will for all I live for. Weasel you are what awesome face shines upon just beaming down on you telling you to make awesome games, keep it up for as long as you live.