Reviews for "Endless Zombie Rampage 2"

So addictive and never gets old.

if you guys want a good zombie shooter, try "decision 2" best zombie game i've played

Pas mal...

The Most Easiest Game for me. In over an Hour, I had all Weapons and all Perks to help me in my killing.

I recommend that they add more maps, or something like scavenging for food, or looting. adding more weapons would make the game good.

Nice, bloody, endless, zombie rampage game that seems to be perfect. It was hard finding the mistakes in this game at first... Some mistakes are invisible to the naked eye and some mistakes are overlooked.
No. 1
The first error I noticed in this game is that the accuracy for most weapons minus a couple exceptions is absolutely terrible. If you are going to make the game character be a horrible shot at least give him some accuracy upgrades so he doesn't have "Blind Sniper" tattooed on his forehead.
No. 2
Saving the Survivors got a bit annoying when you get a lil far ahead of them and they would stop following you as if you became invisible if you got 20 feet away from them.. As for the other missions I found nothing that annoyed or irritated me. that was my only problem with that particular mission.
No. 3
I'm not sure what the screenshot mode and I wish you would have said something about it in either the tutorial or either the "Author Comments" but I do like the fact that you gave us the option to change the controls to our liking if need be.
No. 4
The graphics and mechanics are absolutely great the different zombies added diversity to the zombies which is always great and I especially liked the zombies that shot back.. gave me a bit of a challenge so it wasn't too easy.
No. 5
All in all The game has great mechanics, the music was near perfect but I suggest that the overall weapon accuracy needs to either be fixed or you need to add accuracy upgrades. As far as rescuing survivors i would make 25 foot limit meaning you can go 25 feet away from the survivor you are rescuing without them stopping. Besides those 2 things right there, this game earns 4 star and my personal approval as a badass zombie game!

Nice job Weasel.