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Reviews for "Skepquiz"


I had a score of 169, which made me Gullible.
(note that im a 16 year old dutch boy that speaks english 'decently').

Meh but this quiz is one of the better ones on NG.
Lol it made me finish all of the 150 questions for some reason.
Very catchy and addictive !.

5/5 10/10

Thanks for enlightement, man!!

I ve ended up being normal with a score of 206; darn if only I acted smart and skipped questions I didn't know the answer of then I d prolly be a Jr. Sceptic.

Anyway, I hope you make another one, since I wanna test my brainsize again!


Score: 359

What the hell is "undefined" supposed to mean? :P


One the best quizzes I have ever taken. I loved that you provided sources but the half fish half amphibian question does not provide a source.

Other than that 's all good.

A skeptical pirate!

haha 340
really good game
loved the rank and the reward pics :P