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Reviews for "Skepquiz"

That was fun

But most of the source links didn't work, and the ones that did, lead me to the Age of the Earth page.

Also, I think it would help if you have some way of showing what question you are on and how many are left.

And on a smaller note; the pictures to the right were disturbing.

poxpower responds:

Alright, I'm pretty sure I fixed that!
Good catch, it was indeed all fucked up.

The question # appears at the top left of the question box. ( I didn't just do that ).
Yeah I guess I could tell people there's 150 questions... but then I'd run the risk of them shooting their brains out because it's so damn many :D


intresting and pointless, i learned a few things today some i didnt want to know

poxpower responds:

Did you know that racists don't like my quiz? They typically give it a 6 in the reviews....

junior skeptic

greeat quiz, it made me laugh at some of the answers, and i also learned some new things.
great job, loved it
the start off rewards were disgusting, i got to 216 so i guess i did ok.

poxpower responds:

Yeah you have to work to get the good pictures. What did you expect? Haha


I had a score of 169, which made me Gullible.
(note that im a 16 year old dutch boy that speaks english 'decently').

Meh but this quiz is one of the better ones on NG.
Lol it made me finish all of the 150 questions for some reason.
Very catchy and addictive !.

5/5 10/10