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Reviews for "Skepquiz"

Thanks for enlightement, man!!

I ve ended up being normal with a score of 206; darn if only I acted smart and skipped questions I didn't know the answer of then I d prolly be a Jr. Sceptic.

Anyway, I hope you make another one, since I wanna test my brainsize again!

could've been better

I liked this, but it could've been much better if you'd done some things differently.

Firstly, you need to realize that 150 questions is bloody long. Long enough for the questions to grow boring, even though you had managed to make up many pretty interesting ones.

Secondly, there is way too many distractions on the screen: all those flashing lights, the ad for your website, the newgrounds logo... That got irritating after a while. I'm not saying you should remove the ad for your website, but static image would probably work almost as well and it would be visually better.

Thirdly, the right answers didn't show and at least one link didn't work at all(I don't remember which one, sorry)

And fourthly, the prices could've been much better except the last few.(even they could've been improved, although on the other hand I'm glad you didn't go there. There are enough porn quizzes already)

Honestly though, scepticism isn't promoted enough(you can probably count sceptical submission in Newgrounds with one hand) and I'm really glad someone is doing that. It's just that you could have done a better one with as much or less effort. Maybe next time. There will be next time, right?

poxpower responds:

Yeah I think I'll split it in two parts.... 75 questions each.
Because 150 is ridiculous.

The answers don't show up? *checks*
Oh I see. Fuck I'm a retard.

Can't really help you with all the distractions though... Is it really that annoying?

Anyway, I don't know about a next time. I'll try to fix a couple more things then I'll pimp this shit out to the skeptic community and see if I can't get anyone to give a crap about me making more of this... Hopefully it becomes worth my while to spend time doing it :D


I was entertained...though most of it is obvious for anyone that prefers to think about things, oppose to letting others think for you.

There were one or two questions I would disagree with, but it was merely semantics. Like the oldest tree is over 2,000 years old....I just wanted to test that, because if it's over 4,000 years old, it's also over 2,000 years old, ha.

But not to ruin your thunder, I just enjoy taking things as literally as possible.

Nice quiz....too bad catholicism will continue to unknowingly oppress most of its followers.

Alot of fun

I loved playing this gam with my friend, most of the answer were easy thought

poxpower responds:

Yet for just about every one, there is a group of people who meet every weekend who don't know the answer and keep doing their thing.
UFO watching, BigFoot hunting etc.

good layout and stuff

but a lot of the questions were very biased (212)

poxpower responds: