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Reviews for "Spewer"

I started playing this game back in elementary school. Never finished it but coming back to it now as a college student, this game is a masterpiece. The physics are actually really well done (especially for a 10 year old game). It gets super very challenging yet still not impossible. Such a great game and so much fun!

it's like, good. oh yeah and i like edmund games :)

Although this game is already over 10 years old, it still seems to hold up to other, brand new flashgames here. I only came for the medals, but playing with the physics was so much fun that I actually created a fairly good level in the editor myself, I must admit. Although it it quite hard ( about as hard as the last 3 levels), it is still doable, I tested it myself.

In the editor I encountered 2 bugs though.
1. After holding shift a bit to let the acid spread equally over the ground, it also spread into the acid-breakable-blocks. When I tried testing the level there, it didn't load properly (because there was acid inside of blocks, I guess) and I had to reload, luckily it saved my progress.
2. For some odd reason a single blob of acid keeps crawling up the wall it is touching, getting on top of a platform where it's in the way. I had to reduce the placed acid to a puddle that didn't touch the surrounding walls in order to prevent that.

Nevertheless I finished my level, and of course the game itself. All the time I thought that professor was evil because of his looks, the game proves that looks don't reflect the personality. All that suffering was worth it I guess.

By the way, here is my level code, for anyone still checking up on that game (maybe medal-hunting like me) and looking for a little extra challenge. Enter the hardcore parkour :P


Enjoying the rage game so far. But I'm Stuck On Chapter 3 Level 2. I've Gotten The Fruits And Have Max Puke But I Can't Reach The Exit. EDIT: Nevermind It was About The Angle Of Which I Threw Up. EDIT 2. I Have Gotten Stuck On Chapter 3 Level 4

You're born into this world a guinea pig before god. Unsure of his motives you progress through life solving his puzzles searching for meaning in the rudimentary problems of everyday life.

To make sense of life we must evolve past our previous forms, purge from our bodies the rules set in place by our previous selves in order to see the future with new eyes....

In other words Spewer is a game about puking.

- God, himself