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Reviews for "Spewer"


I was gonna write a review when I completed the entire game but I'm kinda stuck at some part when u have the red puke.
SERIOUSLY this is one of the best games on NG, and I've been around here alot. The originality, music and very long gameplay.. Words cannot describe it. I hope you make your living out of making games cuz this is just awesome. Thanks for letting us waste our hours on this :D

nice game

cool story line, i beat everything including the bonus chapter. really good game except for the of the inconstancy of the black puke, how the acid puke sometimes passes through it easily sometimes not. Also i would take out Holy Tears and Dive, they didn't really involve skill in so much as they did luck


I enjoyed the game because it has a nice balance of difficulty and fun. I didnt even finish the 2nd chapter and it was still fun. Keep making games. :D


it just pops up a lot of newgrounds notice and i cant play it. help!


this was very fun =D a couple of really annoying levels but it was fun ^^ i got to chap 4 like 3rd last chap