Reviews for "Spewer"

Juat beat it

and it took me FOREVER to beat the last leverl.


I don't have my Gishy medal!!!

That's the only thing keeping this from being a perfect score. Because this game is really fun and innovative.


I love the concept of throwing up all over a testing lab so that i might get into some elevator doors. This game is so fun that I played it twice. ( tho it refuses to show that i got any medals besides map maker! ) My only problems where w/ the white puke that never liked to go to where i needed it to and some times the buttons wouldn't press unless i got right on top of them. Other than that i LOVE this game! Easily one of, if not the best game on here!

Heres mine...

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I loved the game, the only thing is, the no-presision about pressing swithces... i noticed of this in the last level, well, i already cleared it, but i think it was luck...


this is addicting and the best game eva!