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Reviews for "Spewer"


its a nice game just hard

I'll be honest... this game is good. It's a nice, neat little platformer with an interesting mechanic. The character is charming in a... weird kind of way. This is easily the kind of game I'd fall in love with if it wasn't so hard. Sometimes the mechanic doesn't work the way you want it to, but most of the time you just need a different strategy and you're good. In a sense, it's like a Nitrome game; hard as shit, but still charming and possible if you're persistent enough.

I'd rate this game higher if I could... that is, if it didn't completely FUCK ME OVER ON THE SECOND TO LAST LEVEL OF THE GAME. I looked up a walkthrough, and apparently there's supposed to be 3 lines of white cloud puke that hover a fair distance above the spike pit. Trouble is, I can only get 2 lines, and they're always positioned RIGHT ON TOP OF THE GODDAMN SPIKES. I've reset the level, I've refreshed the page, I've tried EVERYTHING to get it to work correctly but it fucks me anyways. And now I'm pissed because I can't finish the game or get the last few medals due to it being fucking broken for me. Why did the game have to break on me, of all people? And it's not even the difficulty that's the problem. That's perfectly manageable. No, the game straight up just BROKE. This sucks ass.

I'll try a few more things to hopefully fix it, but until then, my rating stays right where it is.

EDIT: Tried coming back the next day. Even erased my game data. Same bullshit result. Do not play this game unless you hate yourself. If someone doesn't tell me soon how to fix this goddamn glitch or circumvent it, there's no way I'm not giving this game a fucking zero, because this is driving me up the fucking wall.

wy is it so hard

the ending made me cry ;-;