Reviews for "Spewer"

The game crashes with an unreadable screen whenever I play while logged in, but when not logged in, I cant even save achievements. of course, whenever I played before, it was a 5-star game. so, go for between the 2, and you get 3 stars.

gud puzzle game 1 of the best ive seen

Okay, I love it :3

But, I tried out the Map Creator... *Ahem* How do you delete stuff or return to the menu. Cuz I have to refresh the page to reset it.

Yeeeah. Okay, bye. AGAIN nice game! I love it! <3
-54N5 (SANS)

Edit: I think I found out how lol. I used the "Completely Empty Tile" and it deletes it... (||_ _)...
Oof. I thought it was [X ] or [R ].
Although how in the world do you return to the title screen? I thought it's the same as the default levels...([Esc] or [P ]) Halp me plez (||_ _)..?
-54N5 (SANS)

Finally beat it 100%, and all I gotta say is... that ending was... confusing?

But like the rest of ya games ed, I loved it!

Intense and great!